The mission of AIS Aqua Foods, Inc., is to engage in the sustainable development of global aquatic resources through continuous improvement of reliable, transparent and flexible global procurement and management solutions.



Sustainability Statement

As a family run business, AIS Aqua Foods, Inc. is keenly aware of the unique responsibility it has to protect the planet’s natural resources for future generations. Further, we, as a corporation and as individuals, invest in knowledge and partners, committed to understanding and supporting the ecosystems in which we operate.

The quality of life for people around the world needs significant improvement and we recognize that access to adequate food, water, health care, and education is paramount to the people of any community in which AIS Aqua Foods, Inc. operates.

The ultimate role of our species on this planet should be as stewards committed to the higher consciousness necessary to exist in harmony with all animals, utilizing them only when necessary, in a humane and responsible fashion.



2006 Darden Restaurants

Continuous Improvement Award

2004 Darden Restaurants

Top 5% Supplier Performance Ratings

2003 Darden Restaurants

Process Improvement Award

2002 Darden Restaurants

Food and Beverage Quality and Safety Award for prevention of use of antibiotics and extension of shelf life in seafood, for aquaculture products produced and imported from China.




Trade Services


In the United States, AIS Aqua serves as importer/wholesaler and distributor. AIS Aqua offers several seafood sales programs in addition to direct sales to fit the needs of large clients, including Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), Contract Farming, and Program Sales.


In Program Sales, we will work with large clients to set a price for a specific overall quantity of product (e.g., 80 containers of scallops) and then develop an importation schedule for each container that meets their usage needs. AIS Aqua will then import each container as per that schedule. All financial transactions take the form of Letters of Credit.


VMI is a real time inventory system developed in partnership with Darden Restaurants. VMI allows the purchasing department of large clients to program the volume of fish and seafood purchases at very favorable price points, and to include the inventory in their balance sheet during the month it is actually used and distributed. This is an expansion of our Program Sales model to include the holding of inventories in strategically located cold storage warehouses in the United States. AIS Aqua will make all necessary arrangements for holding the inventories including: customs clearance, USFDA clearance, inventory controls, warehousing costs, lab testing and financial costs associated with importing products into the United States.


AIS Aqua has also developed a Contract Farming program, which guarantees an integrated supply chain and ensures traceability from production to consumer. In this program the client contracts a specified amount of production, and AIS Aqua facilitates production with our farming partners. AIS Aqua arranges the processing and fixes a price dependent upon the type of product (e.g. Shrimp; PUD, PDTO, etc.). The price is fixed for the period of time agreed upon in the contract. AIS Aqua offers the buyer the option to serve as importer of record and to pay by Letter of Credit, or to have AIS Aqua serve as the importer of record.


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